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Reading/Language Arts Links

The New Vocabulary A-Z | Learning A-Z
                                                  Class Marker Online Testing
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RAZ A to Z
ClassMarker: Professional Online Testing
ADVERBS: Battleship
Identify ADVERBS in sentences while playing Battleship.
Hawaii - Atlas Video
The Sentence Trail
Match the sentence to the type. Next, fix the beginning capitalization and end punctuation.
Noun Dunk
Enjoy this Common, Proper or Not a Noun practice activity.
Noun Games: Singular & Plural
This site links you to several games to practice singular and plural nouns.
RESEARCH: Easy Bib For Works Cited
Use this tool to make and download your works cited list. For websites, be sure to click "YES" by Show URL.
Hawaii Video 2
VERBS: Verb Power
Identify the Main Verbs, Helping Verbs and Contractions in each sentence.
VERBS: Verbs in Space
Identify which robot has a verb.
VERBS: The Verb Frontier
Select the correct form of each verb for the sentence. Pay close attention to the spelling. Pick the correct verb to load the wagon with supplies.
VERBS: Verb Ride
Carefully follow the directions to type in the correct form of the verb given to build a ferris wheel.
Kid Safe Search Engine
Dialogue Task
Cool Tools


POETRY: Acrostic Poem Helper

POETRY: Giggle Poetry

POETRY: Rhyme Zone

Timeline Maker

POETRY: Bio Poem