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Mr. Lloyd Harter » Hello!


Thank you for your interest in my work and classroom! I'm in this for the students! While every teacher probably says that, as the district's choral teacher with over 250 students across both schools, getting to know students individually and personally has not come quickly. However, being in my third year in the district, I'm finally starting to feel at home with each and every student, and they seem to feel at home with me in learning music together.  From the students, to meeting and talking to parents, to exploring the ATV trails in the area, to seeing three black bears so far on my daily commute, and with my oldest having just started preschool,  the district and all the wonderful staff, faculty, students, and community members have made the area a home for me and my family. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or feedback you might have. 
Merrily Humming Along, 
Lloyd Harter
5-6 Choral Director
7-8 Choral Director
9-12 Choral Director
K-4 General Music
"Music is my world, and my classroom is where I change it one student at a time."